Friday, October 08, 2010

Get VTU Examination & Revaluation result - directly from your browser

to find the VTU Examination & Revaluation result directly from the omni-bar (address bar) or Search-bar of your browser:

Screenshot of Google Chrome's address-bar showing direct search using 'result' keyword

  1. Add the Search Provider reference in the browser:

    • Internet Explorer:
            VTU Result

            VTU Reval

    • Mozilla FireFox:
        Download: VTUResult.xml & VTUReval.xml
          Copy to: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\Search Plugin" Directory.

    • Google Chrome:
        Click the Wrench icon in the top right corner >
          Options > [Default Search:] Manage > Add :

    • Opera:
        Tools > Preferences > Search > Add :

    • Name: VTU Result
      Keyword: result or vturesult or v

      Name: VTU Reval
      Keyword: reval or vtureval or r
  2. Search:

    • Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox:
      • Select the search provider as VTU Result or VTU Reval
      • now, just type the USN and u ll be taken to the VTU result/reval page directly.

    • Google Chrome & Opera:
      • just type: "result" or "reval" to select the Search Provider
      • followed by <space> and the USN no. eg: result 1DB00EE000
        and u ll be taken to the VTU revaluation result page directly.
     #    you may also enter "" in
          the address bar to get the result directly but manually.
     #    you may also enter "" in
          the address bar to get the revaluation result directly but manually.
    *    In Google Chrome, u can also: Right Click on the address bar >  Edit search engines.
    *    you may use the short URL: "" (note: 7C3H in capitals), to access this page.

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