Sunday, August 26, 2012

WiX ICE69: Mismatched component reference Warning

When using WiX you receive the following warning:
LGHT1076:  Mismatched component reference *** however Components are in the same feature.
The important thing to understand here: is that its only a "Warning". WiX is only trying to be sure it does not let you bite your own tongue. You may or may-not be doing anything wrong here.

If you have a <condition> in one of your component which is being referenced by another component. e.g. A shortcut referring to an Executable. Then this warning is valid.

So if you are not doing any thing wrong - simply [ignore] this warning.

You may want to use the -sice:ICE69 command-line parameter to suppress this warning.
In Visual Studio you can go to the WiX Project's Property page:
> Tool Settings > ICE validation : Suppress specific ICE validation: ICE69.

I suggest you set ignore warning only for the "Release" project configuration - so that you do not risk missing new valid warnings that may come later in the development.

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